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Next Door to Georgia O'Keeffe's House
Anni Adkins


Next Door to Georgia O'Keeffe's House by Anni Adkins


"Next Door To Georgia O'Keeffe's House" is so named because this
 house is next door to her house! I searched for two years to find
 Georgia's home and when I finally found it I was blessed to stay next
 door with two wonderful women - mother and a daughter angels. This is
 their house!  I looked at this quaint scene at dusk and thought, This is
 what Georgia saw everyday! I had to paint it. The strong sun setting
 over the roof really brought out the beautiful sepia and ochre colors. I
 particularly liked the way the light cord was tied around the cow scull,
 just out of the children's reach.

Oil on Canvas - 18" x 24"


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next door to georgia's house





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Next Door to Georgia

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