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Kudos - Arts Magazine - Verde Valley Newspapers - Article
Sedona artist Anni Adkins chases light. When she catches it, she gives it form with canvas and oil paints.

Anni Akins creates artworks in oil paint that virtually defy characterization as either realism or abstraction; the paintings can be viewed as either, or both. Here, she works on a large-scale flower blossom in her Sedona studio. Adkins said she actually sculpts her paintings by using many layers of oils. Read More


Anni Adkins
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AHHA Art Gallery Kudos article AHHA Art Gallery featured in Kudos!
Find out where Anni and Joe find their inspiration,
how the gallery opening impacts their lives,
and what's next for the artists.

Orlando Sentinel Newspaper ~ Review
Anni Adkins, painter and designer, and Joe Hoover, photographer and writer, two artists who have integrated their unique and quite different ideas and skills in painting and photography for two decades, the results are profound. Review: The Photographer, The Painter, The Romance Read More

Brochure ~ Anni Adkins
Anni Adkinsí paints light and form. Intense pure light striking, reflecting and swirling around sensual flowers, rounded adobe buildings, and sculpted canyon walls. Read More

Biography ~ Anni Adkins
Anni Adkins, the artist, is at her best here, a modern master whose fine oil paintings of contemporary landscapes, snapshot photorealism, brilliant Southwest scenes, sensual abstracts and magnificent flowers are at once excellent, beautiful and interesting.  Read More

Press Release ~ Anni Adkins
Anni Adkins current painting series, "Sacred Earth," are precariously positioned paradoxically between abstraction and realism. The artist chooses to see her subject up close, selecting shapes, forms and hues for there inherent compositional elements and placing them solidly within the confines of the canvas plane. Read More


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