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I traveled from Florida to New Hampshire to California in search of the perfect subject matter: the full voluptuous forms of my abstract work, the strong feel for the light and its source of my photorealism work.

Most of all, I had a vision of creating paintings so outstanding, so beautiful, they would take my breath away.  

I found all I was looking for and more in the awesome caverns and caves and canyons of the great American Southwest.

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The Swirl by Anni Adkins

The Swirl
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Antolope Canyon by Anni Adkins

Antelope Canyon
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Goddes of Carlsbad Caverns by Anni Adkins

Goddess of Carlsbad Caverns
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Antelope Magic by Anni Adkins

Antelope Canyon Magic
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Antelope Canyon Waves
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Rebirth by Anni Adkins

Antelope Rebirth
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